Our Warm Community - Chapter 1

By The Texas Tailblazer

“Getting To Know You...”

eff Sexton rang the doorbell of the well-kept bungalow on a tree lined street in an “established” part of his small Texas hometown. Although he and Brenda had been dating for almost two months, he still enjoyed the tingle a new relationship each time he visited. The door opened, and there stood Brittany, Brenda’s fifteen year old daughter. Jeff had actually known Brittany longer than he had her mom. As Assistant Principal at the local high school, he had shown Brittany around the campus, introducing her to the track and cheerleader coaches when she transferred from a suburban school in the Dallas area. It wasn't until a couple of months later, at the high schools fall open house, that he’d met Brenda. Then he learned she had taken an executive position at one of the local banks. Divorced four years earlier, Brenda was happy about the opportunity to advance her career and have Brittany spend adolescence in a more stable, conservative environment than that offered by the Dallas metropolis.  Brittany had taken to the change eagerly, using the bubbly personality inherited from her mom and had become an active member in campus activities, sports, and of course, cheerleading. She got along well with adults and students, especially Jeff, who she came to with the usual questions and concerns. Perhaps because he’d been the first adult there to really introduce her around, she’d really taken a shine to Jeff. However, Jeff knew he recognized the symptoms of what he called “Absent Daddy Syndrome”, suffered many times by kids in a single mom household. Himself divorced for three years and hundreds of miles removed from his own daughter, Jeff was sympathetic to Brittany’s situation.  For her part, the blond, five foot two schoolgirl had been delighted when her mom finally accepted a social invitation from one of the coolest grownups at school. Mom really seemed happier, if not a little giddy sometimes, and it certainly didn't hurt to have an “in where it counted” at school. But this evening Brittany was anything but upbeat.

 “Hi.Come on in,” was the best she could manage when admitting Jeff. “Mom said to tell you she was running a little late and to make yourself at home.” Brittany’s  tone, facial and body language bespoke a down mood. “What’s the matter, Hon? Why’re you draggin’ around so down in the mouth?” Jeff asked.

“Oh, Mom’s mad at me”, she shrugged, pulling on the sleeves of her oversized sweatshirt. As Jeff seated himself with the day’s paper on the den couch, he asked, “So, what’d you do....?” “Nothing, really, she just doesn't even try to understand sometimes.” Jeff wondered to himself, “How many times have I heard THAT before?” Brittany turned to walk down the hallway," So where’re you going?” “Mom told me to wait for her in my room ‘til she got home." came Brittany’s reply, turning her head, blinking at what Jeff thought might be tears. He recalled his own childhood, and with a slight touch of butterflies, what it had meant when his mom had spoken the dreaded “wait for me in your room” dictate. It meant sitting in trembling anticipation, listening for her approaching footsteps that paused ever so briefly in her own bedroom, then their inevitable resumption to his door. It had meant facing the no-nonsense expression of her attitude, her awful order to “pull down your pants”, his fumbling fingers at the snap to his jeans, silent pleas then as she pointed first to his underpants, then to the floor. Sometimes when he just couldn’t comply, it had meant her nails brushing his soft skin as she deliberately worked down the last vestige of his boyish modesty. Then, with that same firm demeanor, came the order, "Over" as he attempted to shield his boyhood from her gaze, clambering over the maternal lap. Silently, he would resolve that THIS time he wouldn't allow her the  satisfaction of reducing him to kicking, crying, pleading.....all these memories flashed through his mind as Brittany turned once again toward  the hallway. With some amusement, he regarded the worn, tight seat of her old jeans and how many just like it had bent over “The Chair” in his office at school for a dose of “the board of education applied to the seat of knowledge.”

The quiet closing of Brittany’s door brought Jeff out of his daydream. He went to the kitchen, got some cheese, crackers and a couple of glasses of wine from the ‘fridge. “Nice little homecoming”, he thought, “especially if she’s having a long day”. He sat back down and resumed his reading. No matter how hard he tried to remained focused, he couldn't help wondering what was going to happen once Brenda got home. She and Brittany had moved here from the “big city”, where old-fashioned discipline was decidedly out of vogue, at least he thought so. Brenda had mentioned growing up in a little farm town, but he convinced himself that she’d probably given up small town ways and had adapted a more “sophisticated” approach toward, among other things, disciplining Brittany. He became apprehensive that once home, Brenda would launch into lecturing Brittany, who would respond with a typical teenage tirade, and the whole thing would degenerate into a screaming match, destroying their evening. Upon further reflection, he realized the two had always seemed to enjoy a good relationship, “Brenda must be doing something right...oh well..” About thirty minutes later, Brenda breezed in. As much as the two of them enjoyed wearing jeans and sweats, he got a real charge out of seeing her in her professional attire, close-fitting suit and skirt. This outfit was an emerald green, and showed off her blonde hair and beautiful green eyes, as well as her world-class figure. Jeff regarded her legs and bottom as her best assets. At thirty-five, she turned heads in shorts and jeans, but with her cute figure accentuated by heels and her fashionably short skirt, the five-four bank vice-president was a legitimate “knockout”. “Hi Sweetie!" she quipped, offering a friendly kiss.

"Wine and cheese. What a guy!” 

“Hello, Darling’. Thought you might enjoy a little something after a long day.” Jeff offered.

.“Oh, just the usual first of the month bureaucratic hoop-jumping", Brenda replied. “Brittany in her room?”

 “Yep, said you’d banished her back there ‘til you got home." said Jeff. 

“Sad but true...We’re gonna have a little mother-daughter conference in a bit. Are you real hungry, or do I have time to visit with Brit before we go out?" asked Brenda.

“Actually, I’m enjoying the wine and the company, darlin’, take your time." Jeff replied.

 “Me too," Brenda replied," It'll do her good to stew a little longer. How about another glass?”

Jeff poured them both another glass of wine and returned to the couch. “You know, we don't have to go anywhere. We could call for pizza and just hang out here." he offered. Brenda resounded with a warm, lingering kiss, “Hanging out with you always sounds good honey, but I have a feeling that Brittany’s going to want some time here alone after awhile." came Brenda’s reply. Curious over Brenda’s response, Jeff found himself distracted by her kiss and caresses. As the second glass of wine began to take effect, their kisses and embrace soon became more heated. “Whew," Brenda breathed, as she began smoothing down her skirt, now up to mid-thigh, displaying her legs and the intriguing bit of her flesh colored “thigh high" stockings. If we don't slow down, I’m not going to be able to concentrate on my chore.”

Now really confused, Jeff asked," What chore are you talking about, hon, do you need any help?” 

Flushed and still just a bit breathless, Brenda heaved a big sigh," Not this time sweetie, but maybe soon. This is a little housekeeping I need to do myself for now.” Brenda rose from the couch and made her way over to a small desk in the corner of the room. 

“You sure don’t look dressed for sweeping in those clothes, darlin,” Jeff said admiringly. 

Reaching into the top drawer of the desk, Brenda answered," Actually, this is the “broom” I’m going to use this evening, sweetheart, and you won’t believe how effective it can be at removing the cobwebs from a fifteen-year old’s memory!”

Turning back toward Jeff, Brenda held up a light colored wooden paddle, oval-shaped, about eighteen inches long. “And its way overdue for use!”

 The butterflies previously in Jeff’s stomach now turned into condors," Whoa, it sure looks effective! In fact, it reminds me of the big old hairbrush my mother used to clear my head, even though it was employed on the other end! Guess you need me to leave for awhile, and give you girls some privacy.”

“Nonsense Jeff! I’ve just been a little hesitant to talk about it because I didn't want you to think I was some old-fashioned barbarian. Then when you told me about using the paddle at school, and since we both seem to be enjoying this relationship, I felt you needed a little more insight into how our little family operates.” 

Jeff could barely breathe. No longer condors, now helicopters swooped around inside his stomach. He noticed the look in Brenda’s eyes and realized how important this was to her.

“Brenda, you have one of the neatest kids at our school, and if that little “broom” is one of the reasons she’s the way she is, then all I have to say is “keep sweepin’.

A big sigh of relief escaped Brenda and she seemed to be steeling herself for the job.

“Well, might as well get it over with. The waiting always seemed to be as bad as the spanking when I was in my room waiting for this fella to visit me.”

On his feet facing Brenda, Jeff took her by the shoulders and turned her slightly to one side, looking down at her attractive derriere, he spoke,” Doesn't seem to have done any lasting damage darlin’.”

Brenda laughed, “At the time, I didn't think there’d be anything left!  But it sure kept me on the straight and narrow!” Brenda breathed heavily once again, and turned toward the hall.

“Honey,if you’re going to do it, do a good job", said Jeff.  Brenda turned back to Jeff and smiled," I'll do my best, sweetie, this will probably take a while.” 

With that, she traveled the few feet to Brittany’s door. Knocking lightly, Brenda heard a faint," Come in.” Turning the knob, Brenda smiled again at Jeff and gave him an enigmatic little wink. With quickening pulse, he saw her purposefully leave the door wide open. 

Brittany was sitting cross-legged on her bed. “Hi Mom”, she said weakly," How was your day?” “Fine,sweetheart, how about yours?” “Well, it was great until you called.” Her right hand held behind her back, Brenda smiled inwardly at Brittany’s doe-eyed look. It was the same one she always tried to muster under similar circumstances with her own parents. It would do Brittany no more good than it used to do her.

“You should’ve gone where you told me you were going. That’s disobedience AND lying, and you know what that means.” Pronounced Brenda as she brought the paddle from behind her back.

“God, Mom, No!”, wailed Brittany. 

“Oh yes Brittany, and you know exactly what to expect when you pull a stunt like this, so there’s really nothing else to talk  about is there?” 

“No ma'am.” 

“Alright then, young lady, its time to face the music. Get ready for your spanking.”

Spanking.  The word fell like a tree on Brittany.  This morning, top student, one of the most popular girls in school, athlete, cheerleader.  This evening, little girl about to go over Mom’s knee for a spanking.  And a spanking from her mom was never a minor thing. Brenda gestured upward, and Brittany rose from the bed as Brenda took a seat on the edge of the mattress. Walking around the end of the bed, Brittany started to close the door, but was stopped by Brenda.

"Leave the door open, Brit.”

“Jeff left, didn't he?  He’s not still here is he?”

“Yes he’s still here, and yes, he’s going to hear you get spanked. Jeff is one of the best things to happen to both of us, and is becoming more important to this family, and if you don't want him to hear you getting spanked, then obey the rules. You may very well wind up getting spanked by him at school if you need it, not to mention here at home. the same way you get spanked by me. EXACTLY the same way, young lady.” Brenda was a little surprised at her own declaration, but was glad she’d said the things to her daughter that she’s been unable to say to Jeff.

Dumbfounded, Brittany stood there facing her mother. “Enough talk, Brit, get your pants down.”

“Mom please..”

Brenda’s hardened look convinced Brittany she’d better obey. She reached under the hem of her sweatshirt and began fumbling with the snaps of her 501s. As she undid the buttons of her jeans, she wriggled from one socked foot to the other in an effort to get the jeans down without pulling her pink nylon  bikini panties with them. As she struggled, Brenda, as always, was amused at the similarities shared by Brittany and herself when it had been her about to go over the parental lap for correction. She wondered if her mom had smiled to herself as Brenda went through the same experience. Already sniffling, Brittany began to plead," Mom, I won’t lie anymore, you’ll see, please, can't you just spank me with your hand, over my panties. I promise I’ll do better, you’ll see. please?”

“No way, Brit, I promised you a good spanking, and you knew what to expect when you chose to lie to me.” As she spoke, Brenda pointed the paddle at Brittany for emphasis. Now, she set the paddle on bed beside her for convenient access when required. Brittany’s eyes followed the dreaded Instrument as a mouse would follow the movement of a snake. Her hands moved to the legends of her panties, pulling them so as to cover as much of her bottom as possible. as if it would do any good.

“Enough stalling, Brit.” Brenda raised herself slightly and pulled her skirt up her thighs to accommodate her daughter’s inevitable squirming and wriggling without mussing her clothes too much. After all, she had a date following this “little chore”. She pointed at her lap. 

With an audible sob, Brittany started over Brenda’s firm lap. Once there, Brenda adjusted her forward, pushing her sweatshirt well up out of the way. Having learned through her own  experience, Brenda knew that the part of her daughter’s bottom she would concentrate on was near the junction of bottom and thighs.  Satisfied with her position, she ordered, “Raise up”. Brittany looked back over her shoulder with her most pitiful expression, knowing it  would do her no good, as she obeyed one of the most dreaded orders of her young life. She stared, mortified, as with practiced ease, Brenda began working her pink panties down slowly, side to side, off her bottom, so that she felt the deceptively cool air caress her cheeks as the panties descended past her thighs, down to her slightly bent knees. As her mom’s right hand rested on her cheeks, patting them gently, Brittany squeezed her bottom tightly.

“Mom please, take it easy, okay? Not too hard, okay?”

“Sugar, you disobeyed then you lied about it.  I’m going to give you a spanking you won’t forget for a long, long time.  There won’t be anything easy about it.  Are you ready?”

“Oh god, no, please....?”

Brittany felt her mom’s grip tighten, it was about to begin. SMACK!SMACK!SMACK!CRACK!WHACK! Brenda’s palm flashed up and down in a blur. Mom always started fast and hard. Too hard!

 MMMMMM!MMMMMM!OOOOOHH! Brittany tried real  hard to stay as quiet as she could. Jeff was out there, listening, what would he think?  Could she ever look him in the eye again?

 SMACK!SMACK!SMACK!WHACK!WHACK! Mom was really trying to make a point. and she was!

Brittany couldn’t believe it was possible, but Brenda actually stepped up the volume and intensity!  Brittany couldn’t hold still anymore, her feet started wiggling, toes busily digging at the floor, giving way to, crossing her wagging ankles, then pushing the toes of her socks harder into the floor in an effort to hold still and preserve some semblance of dignity. As if reading her mind, Brenda concentrated several rapid-fire spanks right at the tender junction of cheeks and thighs, not letting up, bending to her task, demanding that Brittany give up any resistance.

OOOOOWWWWW!  NO MORE!  MOM, NO MORE!  By now, Brittany’s legs were kicking with more gusto, her hands more and more tempted to interfere, if nothing else, just to gain a second’s blessed relief.

“Please, let up, PLEASE! Just a minute, PLEEEAZE!?”

By this point, Brittany’s firm little bottom had turned a nice, bright shade of red. Brenda knew she had her undivided attention. “So, are you going to think before you disobey or lie to me again, Miss Brit?”

“Oh yes mom, YES!  I know I won’t ever lie to you again mom!  You don’t have to spank me anymore, I KNOW I’ve learned my lesson about lying!  I PROMISE!”

Brenda had heard THAT before.  She'd SAID that before while in the same position before over her parents laps.  It was time to drive the lesson home.  She reached over to get the paddle.  Brittany became aware of Brenda’s movement, grateful for the brief reprieve, but terrified of what it probably meant.  Her worst fears were confirmed as the cool surface of wood was gently rubbed across her scalded cheeks.

“Oh PLEASE, Mom, not the paddle. wait a minute, please?” Out of breath, Brittany was desperate.

“No dear, we’re not finished yet.  I want you to remember this paddle when you’re tempted to lie again...to me, to Jeff, to anyone.  Now, get ready, here goes..”

 Brittany looked back over her shoulder in time to see the paddle rise up over her red, exposed cheeks...”OHHH MMOOOMMM, NOOO!” SPLAT! “YEOW!” SPLAT!" OOOUUCCH!” SPLAT! “YEEEOOOOOWW!” SPLAT!” OOOWWW!”

Legs that had been scissoring back and forth were now kicking out hard and wide. Brittany was rolling back and forth trying to avoid the paddle’s contact on any one place twice without success. SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!  The rapid-fire volleys were back. only a thousand times more fiery, flattening both cheeks at the same time!  She couldn’t stand any more! “NOOOOoooooo!” Brittany lost control.  She couldn’t keep her hands out of the way, no matter how she tried. “That’s going to get you extras if don’t keep those hands in front of you, little girl!” Brenda declared, knowing Brit couldn’t comply.  Seizing her daughter’s right arm with her left, she brought it up out of range, pinning it to the small of Brittany’s back.  Her skirt now up almost to her own panties, she draped her right leg over both of Brittany’s thrashing legs, immobilizing them for the final act of this breath-taking domestic drama.  Loosing a final volley with  her trusty paddle, she made sure Brittany would consider this episode for a long time before misbehaving again.  Seeing Brit’s loss of control and total disregard for whoever maybe witness to it, Brenda felt an odd sort of envy.  She knew she was doing exactly what Brittany needed her to do.  She knew she needed to maintain authority within their relationship.

It was a few moments before Brittany was aware that her mom was no longer spanking her red tender bottom. She remained over Brenda’s lap regaining a modicum of composure, as Brenda softly caressed her burning nates.  At last, Brenda helped her up to a sitting, sort of, position on Brenda’s lap.  Brit finished crying into Brenda’s shoulder, as Brenda dried her tears with a tissue and stroked Brit’s hair out of her eyes. “Mom, I AM sorry I lied to you, it certainly wasn’t worth the price I just paid.” Chuckling slightly, Brenda responded," I know, sweetheart. if it’s any consolation, I paid the price a few times over grandma and grandpa’s knees...hopefully you’ll learn more quickly than I did. And when you need help remembering the rules from time to time, you know I’ll be here to help you get back on track.” Brittany staggered a bit regaining her feet, and now stood, bending her knees, shifting from foot to foot.  No matter how hard or how vigorously she rubbed her steaming behind, she couldn’t quench the fire it was bathed in.

“Mommm...I forgot how much it burns! I’m burning up back there!” 

“Forgetting how much it burns is what got you spanked just now, young lady...and you can count on getting it the next time you lie to me. Do you understand me?” 

“Yes ma'am, I understand.”, came the sniffling reply.

“All right, angel, stretch out on your bed.” Brenda’s tone and manner softened. “Rest awhile.  Jeff and I will bring you something from the restaurant.”

“I forgot about Jeff being here!  What’s he going to think of me now?”

“The same thing he thought of you before, silly.  You’re a kid who disobeyed and got a good spanking.  So what else is there to think?  It’s not like he’s not used to it, you know.”

“I guess so. I guess you’re right.”

“I am right.  I have a feeling we’ll both be seeing a lot more of Jeff.  Now lie down and catch a little nap.  We’ll be back soon.” As she saw Brittany stretch out on the bed on her tummy, the envious feeling she’d felt earlier returned.  Someone else to take control sometimes.  She didn't want to be the one responsible for all decisions all the time.  She wanted to experience total abandon and release.  She looked up into Brittany’s dresser mirror and saw Jeff looking back into her eyes.

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